Bathroom Humor #2: A variation on Hide 'n' Seek

I’m not confident I’ll be able to ever find anything to post under Bathroom Humor that’s not just plain wrong.  Maybe someday, but not today.

Hope you enjoyed that as much as these guys did.


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  1. Ivy Six-Pack on

    Okay, I don’t pretend to even begin to understand your obsession with bathroom humor. I do get the handwashing thing (although I think keeping a list is a bit strange). However, I had to comment on this video to say FUNNY!!!! I was crying I was laughing so hard. Only my youngest two are home with me now and they think there is something wrong with mommy. Thank you for a good laugh to start the day!!!

  2. Ivy Six-Pack on

    Oh I feel so special!!!

    So do you mind if I advertise for you?

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