Restroom Oddities #3: No latch for you!

One trip to the restroom (to change clothes even) last week yielded several Oddities.  First, the handicapped stall (extra roomy, good for clothing changes) in the nearest restroom to me has an issue…no latch.

What, you wanted to *lock* the door?

What, you wanted to *lock* the door?

I guess I just have this thing about being able to latch and/or lock the door to my stall, especially when I’m gettin’ naked.  This door went through several months of flux in which Site Services evidently toiled fruitlessly at attempting to repair the latch.  There were several failed latch mechanisms, one of which was relatively easy to lock but very difficult to unlock (yeah, getting stuck in the stall isn’t a nice experience).  I guess they just decided this “no latch” thing was a better way to go.

Interestingly, just two floors away, the same thing happened.  But they went with security instead:

There's also a chain latch and deadbolt higher up...

Not pictured: the chain latch and deadbolt further up...

Somebody on first floor isn’t messin’ around.

Back to that third floor stall.  Is it just me, or does this toilet look thirsty?

Or maybe it's just a Stones fan?

Or maybe a Stones fan?

Maybe somebody was a bit confused about which direction the Cowboy Hat goes?


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  1. […] restroom, noting that the far stall was taken (the spacious, handicapped-accessible stall with the broken latch).  Let’s call it Stall C.  Going with the standard Buffer Stall, I took Stall A (the one […]

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