Restroom Design: Think Dry Thoughts

[ Update: I’ve uncovered evidence that may explain this malfunctioning dispenser: Check it out. ]

Look, I’m really pleased with the rise of the Automatic Towel Dispenser doohickies popping up (what does it say about me that I had to delete an extra “o” in “popping”?) all over the place, just as I’m pleased with the new blinking-yellow-turn-signals around town.  But if you’re considering switching your restroom (or even just microwave/fridge/vending station) over to the automagic dispensers, consider these rules:

  1. The towels must not run out.  (Okay, so they can run out, but can we get a new roll put in pronto?)
  2. The machine must actually work.

Point #2 seems obvious, but the reality is that most automatic dispensers are battery-operated.  As mentioned in a previous post, sometimes the little electric eye on these guys gets a twitch in it.  Does this enhance battery life?  I’m going to go with, “No.”

Even without the freaky Poltergeist version of the automatic dispenser, you still may end up in this situation (I apologize for the noise…this one’s right across from the Coke machine, which when we get free soft drinks in the cafe, why do we need anyway?):

This is simply unacceptable.

Update! It’s been restored to life, but seems to be very, very frightened. Just listen to it quake in fear…


4 comments so far

  1. Ivy Six-Pack on

    Seems like an ill-placed dispenser as well. Who wants to use a towel that touched the counter???

  2. Heather on

    Thanks for the good humor. Those darn towel dispensers can be annoying – just remember some of us still have hand dryers from the 1980’s with little or no power and no protection from the germs! UGH! I really enjoy this blog… 🙂

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