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Who's bringing the cake??

As my good friend and colleague over at Collateral Bloggage mentioned, today is Global Handwashing Day!!!!

To honor the holy day, I’ve created signs (images from the GHD website) and posted them in the restrooms near my desk.  I’ve also pinned one to the outside of Mr. Non-Handwashing-Lifetime-Achievement-Award’s cube.

Doing my part...too subtle?

Doing my part...too subtle?

If you couldn’t read it, here’s what it says:

Take it...use this power only for good
Take it…use this power only for good

If you’d like to post one in your area, feel free to take it (click it to go full size, then print and distribute).  Even if it’s too late to hit the holiday…


Restroom Oddities #1: Warning – drinking may cause gender confusion

Another feature I’ll feature here (I plan to be nothing if not featuristic) is the highlighting of Restroom Oddities.  A friend we’ll call Mr. H gave me these pictures and I couldn’t pass up using them.  First, the sign:

This just seems to make good sense, but...

This just seems to make good sense, but...

I heartily agree with the sentiments of the sign.  However, one must consider the context in which such a sign is placed.  And that context is:

Evidently the drinking has already begun...

Evidently the drinking has already begun...

It seems to me that if you’re a potentially pregnant woman reading this sign in the Men’s Room, it’s a case of too little, too late.

Need I mention these pictures are from a restroom in a bar?

One more image from the talented Mr. H:

Well, duh!

Well, duh!

I don’t think it really helps the cause of accuracy when you put something so seemingly designed to make a man feel a bit threatened right beside the urinal.  Maybe we could go with a smaller cone.  Just sayin’.

…And We're LIVE!!!

Hello, world!  Welcome to the Handwasher Blog, otherwise known (for today, at least), as The Dumping Ground.  I know, it’s a completely inappropriate title.  So, suggest another one for me, and I’ll consider it.

You might recognize my name.  I’m Obsessive Handwasher, intrepid reporter of bizarre and humorous news over at Collateral Bloggage.   On this site, I’m turning my nearly non-existent wit and talent to the subject of the Restroom.

Yes, I’ve been working on a book about the vagaries of using the Corporate Restroom.  I’m not going to be giving away the title of this future “Last Chance Bargain Bin” book, and if you know it, please don’t give it away.  I’d like to maintain my trademark for as long as possible.

What is this site for?  Basically, it’s for me to be able to post anything that the moderator over at CB might consider too yucky.  I’ll be posting some of my musings on what’s wrong with restrooms, as well as some horror stories about what I’ve seen/heard/you get the picture.  I’ll also be soliciting feedback from my legion of loyal readers in an attempt to get a feel for how others deal with the challenges set forth by the modern restroom.

For now, that’s all.  I’ll be updating soon with my first horror story.