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Restroom Oddities: Odditory Refreshment

Having recently traveled, I thought I’d share an Oddity.  It’s the Sea-Tac Airport’s “Talking Fountain”:

Now, a few thoughts about Airport Restrooms.  Really, they’re some of the best-designed restrooms in existence.  For one, they rarely have doors, so your main Source Of OPB (Other People’s Bacteria) is taken away right there.  Of course, I’m not expecting most workplaces to go doorless (due to the lack of ambient “cover-noise” featured at airports).

The one thing the Airport Restroom has over the Workplace Restroom is anonymity.  You will probably never see these people again.  So throw off your Workplace Restroom Inhibitions and be as obnoxious as you want to be (and by obnoxious I mean oblivious that Other People Are Present).  Or just walk away without washing (I’m testing you here…you should be outraged).

Of course, Murphy would predict that one of your fellow restroom denizens will be seated near you.  Which is why I also recommend using a restroom that’s not right next to your boarding gate.

Oh, and one more thing.  I know from personal and recent experience that it’s really difficult for a grown man and his seven-year-old son to share an airplane restroom.  There was no repeat occurrence of said phenomenon.  Once was enough.


Restroom Oddities #3: No latch for you!

One trip to the restroom (to change clothes even) last week yielded several Oddities.  First, the handicapped stall (extra roomy, good for clothing changes) in the nearest restroom to me has an issue…no latch.

What, you wanted to *lock* the door?

What, you wanted to *lock* the door?

I guess I just have this thing about being able to latch and/or lock the door to my stall, especially when I’m gettin’ naked.  This door went through several months of flux in which Site Services evidently toiled fruitlessly at attempting to repair the latch.  There were several failed latch mechanisms, one of which was relatively easy to lock but very difficult to unlock (yeah, getting stuck in the stall isn’t a nice experience).  I guess they just decided this “no latch” thing was a better way to go.

Interestingly, just two floors away, the same thing happened.  But they went with security instead:

There's also a chain latch and deadbolt higher up...

Not pictured: the chain latch and deadbolt further up...

Somebody on first floor isn’t messin’ around.

Back to that third floor stall.  Is it just me, or does this toilet look thirsty?

Or maybe it's just a Stones fan?

Or maybe a Stones fan?

Maybe somebody was a bit confused about which direction the Cowboy Hat goes?

RD Triumphs and Atrocities #1

This post will be the exemplar of a feature here at the Dumping Grounds.  “RD” stands for Restroom Design, which is something I think about a fair bit.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to capture an image or two of a very cool restroom feature (in Cannon Beach, OR) I think should be emulated.  I call it “Junior in the Middle” (or JIM for short):

How cool is this?  Given men’s tendencies to leave a buffer urinal between them and the next guy, this seems a logical design.  Why?  Normally, you get two Seniors and then a Junior (nearly always on the far left).  So, if more than one man is using the restroom, one of them is left with either using Junior (and setting himself up for more accuracy issues due to the extra distance) or pairing up with the other guy.  The Rules state that no pairing shall ever been done, so he’ll go with Junior.  This design lets him make the right choice (no pairing) without punishing him for choosing correctly.

Unfortunately, the image I didn’t capture was the fact that upon entering this Relief Station, there was precisely one man present, and he was parked at Junior.  I thought about confronting him.  Or taking his picture.

Also, Junior leaked.  The flush overflowed the capacity by just a little bit, leaving the floor quite wet.  Nice.

When I first encountered this restroom, all I remembered was the JIM thing.  I failed to notice this:



This is simply unacceptable.  Push-on faucets are a crime against handwashing.  This one had an On-Time of approximately 2.5 seconds.  No joke.  Pair this with a blower on the wall instead of towels, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to escape with clean hands.  And then the door was a Pull-Inward.  Sigh.

Still, Cannon Beach gets credit for JIM.